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How Do I Know If I Need a Financial Coach?

Ask yourself these questions…

Have you ever asked yourself, how did I get so far in debt?

Are you late or missing any bill payments?

Are you paying all of your bills but have nothing left over to save?

Are you looking for a way to track your expenses or investments?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, book a free 15-minute consultation call with me.

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Our mission is to help you break down the barriers between you and your financial goals. Getting out of debt can be a difficult journey to navigate by yourself. If you find yourself constantly struggling to make it by, a financial coach could be the key to you breaking that cycle. Connect with me today and take the next step in managing your financial health.

Our Specialties

We can take your finances to the next level

Financial Overview

Expense Planning

Investment Tracking

Debt Consultations

Debt Analysis

Debt Strategies

Focused saving strategies

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What We Can Do For You

My Financial Coaching program helps individuals and families reach their personal financial goals. Program participants and financial coaches will work together as a team toward these goals.

Set your goals

Work with your financial coach to determine personal financial goals and steps to reach those goals.

create your own Budget

You can work with your coach and create a comprehensive budget and spending plan to beat debt!

brainstorm and learn

Your coach is a financial educator and cannot give you financial or legal advice, but can help you understand issues, find resources, and set financial goals.

Debt strategies

Discuss different strategies that work to pay off debt. Learn different methods of changing your relationship with money and removing the emotions tied to it.

Meet our Coach

Mike Cavaggioni

I’m an experienced Financial Coach, Podcast Consultant, Realtor-Associate®, Investor, and retired from the US Navy. I’m the host of the Average Joe Finances® Podcast, a top 1% ranked Podcast. My goal as a Financial Coach is to show you how to beat your debt and start building your wealth. Book a coaching call with me or try the LifeStyle plan. Let me help you escape the rat race!


Financial Coaching Services

Mike has been learning finances on his own time for many years. His hard work pays off now in practical, well thought out advice that works for everyone!

Christine Haubil

I did the 60 minute consultation with Mike and he helped me so much! 60 minutes helped me more than what I’ve been trying to do for months! I can’t wait to see what happens with the budget he has helped me set! Thank you so much Mike!

Lashonda Mike

Mike Cavaggioni is a good man and I’d recommend him for his professional approach to his work and for his trustworthiness.

Paul Lubic